Shirt: DragonBerry Boutique's Basic Ribbed Crop
Pants: H&M (Similar HERE)
Leather Jacket: H&M (Similar HERE)
Scarf: TopShop (Similar HERE)
Booties: Forever 21 (Similar HERE)

I give you Portland, everyone, the greenest and cleanest city with the most coffee drinkers, book readers, bicyclists, breweries and hipsters. These photos were taken from Pioneer Square, which is the city center. It's a big area made up of brick that is used for news castings, meeting spots, and obviously blog photos. These were from the first day that I was downtown and I was so unbelievably happy to be back in my hometown. I had forgotten how unique of a city Portland is, from the people to the places to the weather, which was way too cold for my LA-adusted body.

Mostly I spent the day soaking in the city and shopping in my all black ensemble, perfect for the gloomy, foggy Portland weather that I had forgotten about. It was amazing to be back in the City of Roses.


Booties: Grey City Benson Boots
Swing Tee: Free People (similar HERE)
Dress: Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip
Denim Chambray: Rubbish

It's not very often that you get a gloomy day in LA so when you do, it requires documentation. And since it was grey out, it was only appropriate to take my new Grey City boots for a little stroll down Broadway street. It's really amazing to see the transition not just Broadway has made in the last year that I have been in LA, but the transition that all of downtown has made and is still making. When I first moved into dtla, weekdays were full of men and women in business attire until 5 o'clock when it turned deserted, much like the weekends were. Now people are coming from all over LA to downtown for pure leisure and entertainment purposes and it has become so lively. I have come to love LA with absolutely all of my heart.