FYF, August 23-24, 2014. Sooooooooo much fun.

I decided to go FYF a few weeks last minute when my friends Anna (@tinysad) and Sarah (@sarah_heymann) told me that thier friend had an extra ticket so I was figured why wouldn't I end summer with a mini Coachella-esque bang. Major fun two days held at expo park in dtla.

I didn't know the whole line up at all but I figured that was cool because I could get to know some new bands and love the ones I knew more, which totally happened. Grimes, Blood Orange, Pheonix, HAIM, The Strokes were all my favorites. It was the second time I've seen HAIM and they are hands down the most badass group of chicks and they KNOW HOW to perform. Unfortunately none of my photos from their performance turned out but it was killer. I'd have to say Grimes was another favorite of mine because she's 1. so adorable and 2. her performance was a straight up dance party made of happy girls and gay guys and it was so fun.

Fashionably speaking, on the first day I decided to channel my inner Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and apparently achieved it because that's what I got nicknamed by randos throughout the day. On the second day I was a little more Woodstock and tried my hand at some pretty face paint which I thought turned out well. You can see the full outfit post a few below :*)

Until fyf 2k15