Your closet is where your day begins, so let’s make every day amazing. This service is a complete assessment of your entire wardrobe. Here’s what we will do:

  • Edit and revise your wardrobe to keep only the most wearable, flattering, sentimental and favorite pieces
  • Determine what can be kept, altered, consigned and donated
  • Develop a complete list of key items missing in your wardrobe that will add tastefulness, comfort, style and ease of creating outfits.

After we have determined the above, we can schedule a personal shopping appointment to create a more complete closet! See HERE for more details.

Additional helpful services: Outfitting. Outfitting goes hand in hand with the Wardrobe Audit. We will go through your newly revised closet and create new outfits for your day to day looks. Please see HERE for more details. 

This service is billed hourly at the above rate.

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